Technological platform

We adapt microbiological communities to increase their resilience and biodiversity with the goal of producing products that resemble natural microbiomes.

We are contributing to changing current practices in the productive sector and seeking more efficient methods that improve the quality of the environment.

What is A microbiome

A microbiome is a consortium of microorganisms interacting with each other, in balance, governed by the conditions of the soil, the climate of a geographic area and all the chemical processes that direct them.

At MicroBios we reproduce microbiomes with maximum efficiency on industrial scales.

Our services

Our Services We focus on the development of microbiomes for specific products in different sectors.

We can accompany your business from DNA to market entry, either in its entirety or for a specific short-term task.

– Technology Licensing

– Joint Contract and Research Development

– Business and Commercial Development

– Product Development

– Project Management

– Facility Design

-Fermentation Development

Technology Licensing

We licensed our technology for the joint development of a soil enhancer with the aim of,  increasing the efficiency of chemical fertilizers, we developed a product similar to the plant’s rizosphere.

In this way we manage to improve crop yields, increase organic matter in the soil, capture CO2 and project the transformation of regenerative agriculture.

We can replicate and adjust this platform according to climate and use.

Learn about our solutions

Based on our technologies we work in the following areas:

Reduction of greenhouse gases

Fixation of nitrogen

Rooters, Physical and liquid fertilization

Seed treatments, crop optimization

Animal nutrition, Probiotics

Water treatment

Forest development


Our Pillars


Research and development of technologies focused on knowing and imitating the benefits of the use of microorganisms.


Biotechnologies taken to industrial scale, reproducing microbiomes designed to maximize production and performance.


Solutions obtained from nature itself and developed to help counteract the human impact on the environment.

About us

We are dedicated to creating innovations and opportunities.

Principal investigator

Walter Sandoval, PhD.

Walter Sandoval is a biologist from the National University of Asunción (FACEN-UNA) in Paraguay. In 2013, Walter earned his M.S. in Microbiology from North Carolina State University (NCSU), United States, through a Fulbright scholarship. In 2016, Walter earned his PhD in Microbiology, and his thesis was awarded the Kenneth R. Keller Award for the best doctoral dissertation of the year at NCSU’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). This focused on the physiology of bacteria that generate solvents for advanced biofuels and the capture of greenhouse gases (GHG). In 2017, Walter began his postdoc in Chemical Biology at Harvard University. His work focused on the manipulation of the human intestinal microbiota using small molecules. In 2020, Walter returned to Paraguay and leads the Microbial Biotechnology laboratory at FACEN-UNA, in addition to being a teacher, and coordinating projects between industry and academia. Likewise, along with the publication of various scientific articles, he has three patents, one at NCSU, and two at Harvard, which are related to the capture of GHGs, and the functional manipulation of microbiomes. In the private sector, Walter is Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of MicroBios S.A. Recently, in 2022, Walter was selected as a Global Fellow of the Eisenhower Fellowships, for his work and its impact on translational research in Paraguay.

News / Press

We share updates and news about our work.

FONTAGRO 2023-2024

The Regional Fund for Agricultural Technology (FONTAGRO), together with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and the Inter-American

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